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Creative Recording Studio

Where the artist is in control
of the recording environment


We are keen to work with you to record whatever you want - and we know that this can be anything at all. If its sound - we can get it down and get it down faithfully.

Here are some of the tasks we've undertaken and are experienced at guiding you through the process of getting the best out of you and the most out of your instruments:

  • acoustic
  • electronica
  • broadcast material
  • albums
  • demo's
  • soundtracks
  • jingles
  • spoken stories
  • guided relaxations
  • Got a project that you want to put on steroids? Thinking of making some inspiring recordings you want taking to professional level? We will love helping mix them for you to achieve the best results you want.
  • Analog mastering using matched custom pultec EQs, valve compression and state-of-the-art levelling amplifiers
restoration and archiving
  • creating digital masters of LP's,78's and tapes noise reduction transfering open reel tapes
  • answers to all of your audio and recording problems from microphone selection to software operation
systems consultant
  • Not sure what you need? Can't decide on the best tool for the job? - send us an enquiry about it and we'll do our best to help you take the next step.
Live sound production
Pix Records can draw fron a pool of over 20 professional session players ranging from hip hop to classical. Please send us an enquiry if you are in need of drummers, guitarists, string players, singers, bassists, pianists or horn players.

The session musicians at Pix Records will work in collaboration with you to achieve precisely what your piece requires.

Fees for session musicians range between AUD$40-$80.

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