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Where the artist is in control
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Recording Artists and Studio Clients

Its important for all recording artists to feel they are in good company to achieve peak performance.

That goes without saying at Pix Records where hospitality is a key part of the ambience encouraging you to create your best.

Here are some other artists and groups who have discovered their next step to achieving their dreams at Pix Records:
  • Emily Maguire
  • Christian Dunham
  • Brother Goose
  • Petr Harvey
  • The Express
  • Cloudstreet
  • Robert Bruce
  • Caitlin Danaan
  • Zia
  • Brett Orr
  • Chris Webbe
  • Matthew Williamson
  • Adrian Ormiston
  • Trevor Hart
  • Steve Mcliesh
  • Jacinta Foale
  • Funky Mantis
  • Diva D
  • The Goodwills
  • Rapskallion
  • Rockin Rythym Kats
  • Big D and the FLP
  • Chris Jack
  • Grumpy Neighbour
  • Twisted Harmony
  • Gabriel Bornstein
  • John Hewi
  • Ironstone
  • Paul Cannon
  • Zabahtu
  • Paul Horrel
  • Steve Hutch
  • Wes Brett
  • Amanda Roberts
  • Carina Goodrich
  • Ilana Cowan
  • Zane Savage
  • Murray Wall
  • Lindsay Allen
  • Giselle Galladriel
  • Ian Howie
  • Tommy Leonard
  • Trijntje Reilly
  • Robin Kommer
  • Di Collier
  • Ananda Marga River School
  • Ghandi International Sschool
  • Caboulture Special Needs School
  • Conondale State School
You can join their ranks - the first step is to contact Pix using the enquiry form.

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