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About Pix Records

Pix Vane Mason has been recording sound and music since 1969 after receiving an old valve tape recorder from his father. That tape recorder has been lovingly maintained and is still in use today - very occasionally. The venerable recording device has instilled a deep respect for capturing the authentic vibrations created by musicians which you will find reflected in every aspect of the Pix Records Recording Studio and environment today.

Pix is an accomplished musician and performer in his own right - his singing has been recorded on albums by
  • Marcia Hinze
  • Wendy Mathews
  • Cooloongubra
  • Voices from the Vacant Lot
  • Toni Nation
  • Big Fat Chord
  • Ben Fink
which has given Pix extensive exposure to high-profile recording studios. He has extracted the best aspects of what works in these environments and has lovingly assembled the necessary ambience and equipment in his country studio to offer a peak recording experience for musicians of all genres.

With 30 years experience in recording bands, choirs, solo vocalists - indeed anything that makes music - Pix takes great care in capturing a sound that you can feel on your skin - a whole body sound.

A lot of our equipment is either custom made or 100% classic, and in some cases simply cannot be bought today. So you definately wont be able to achieve - either at home or in most project studio's - what we can do for you here.

Featuring 24 pristine analog inputs and outputs, Neve summing and a great selection of valve or solid state EQ's and compressors,we can offer a multitude of options in recording full band setups as well as small orchestral and jazz groups that really need to be recorded as a unit.

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