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Welcome to Pix Records Recording Studio

Welcome to Pix Records Recording Studio

Set in Conondale Valley, amidst forestry and farmsteads, Pix Records Recording Studio is the perfect place to truly let go and deliver a performance you would be proud to have immortalized on record.

With the understanding that you the artist have the most challenging role in the studio, we work hard to provide an environment in which you can be yourself, feel relaxed and totally indulge in your creativity with the level of technical support and expertise you would expect in a major recording studio.

Environmentally the main recording room has a lovely sound, with 14ft ceilings and being a 100% wooden construction, guitars and drums sound very natural and focused with a tight bottom end.

Ensuring the highest fidelity digital rendering of your creations are the finest microphones available - principally the Neuman U47 for voice and others made by Wagner, Brauner, AKG, Sennheiser, AEA, Reslo and EV whose characteristics are particularly suited to the audio spectrum of individual instruments.

The control room and main recording space are connected by our beautiful verandah greenroom, where you can Relax and have a cuppa while listening back or even have a lie down when someone else is doing their take if you wish.

Be warned we will capture your soul!!!

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  • About Pix Records
  • Background information on Pix and his passion - faithfully recording your peak performance with the finest equipment passion can provide
  • Recording Studio Services
  • Pix Records Services
    Some of the services we provide - "some" because we are always open to trying something new and ground-breaking.
  • Studio costs and recording rates
  • Studio Rates
    These will vary according to your requirements and what you want to achieve. However you will find a guide to our costs on this page.
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  • Enquiries
    Please use our enquiry form to make an enquiry or discuss your requirements.
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  • How to find Pix Records
    A versatile map to our Recording Studio including the option to print out precise directions using Google maps
  • Recording Artists and Studio Clients
  • Pix´s Clients
    Some of the musicians and recording artists who have discovered the magical results they can achieve at Pix records.

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